Miami Guide, Bus Tour, Ocean Drive & Beach all on Jean’s film for Doris Visits

Miami, so good they named it twice.

Miami is a cruise stop often included in the Caribbean Cruise schedule. It sits between Cape Canaveral and Key West. It is to be the centre and home port for Richard Branson Virgin Voyages.

Miami and Miami Beach.

Miami bus tours have three routes and it gets you around more than just the two main areas of Miami and Miami Beach. However, that is one huge amount to see so start very early if you intend to do this, very early. See the film which starts from the ship (Adonia) and enjoy sites of one of America’s largest areas of skyscrapers seen from the ocean. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Miami’s metro is the number 8 most populated and fourth-largest urban area in the United States. It has a population of over 5.5 million. It has been ranked the richest city in the US and the seventh-richest city in the world based on purchasing power. Downtown Miami is the home of the area with the most concentration of banks in the USA. It is the home and playground of the rich and famous, take a look as Jean reveals just a handful of names.

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Miami Beach

The bus takes you down to Ocean Drive, the art deco area is styled on the start of the technical age. Three rings going up is a Jetsons-like technology refers to the lights and bells that came with the era that brought the Wurlitzer and the Pin Ball Machine. Don Johnson the star of Miami Vice is still thought to live there along with many other stars. Miami was once farmland that soon became wonderful housing estates. Now it is a centre for much tourism as is most of Florida. Cruising this coast is a major route of Big Bus, but if it is the only place you wish to visit, see our other film in the Miami section – Beach by bus – .
Big Bus Miami

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