Don’t over spend on your cruise, especially if it is your first

Why not splash out? Well, you might just get addicted and want to book the next one, so, how to spread the money over two cruises rather than make mistakes on one… you may have your own ideas you can send us for a second film.

If it is your first cruise you may think that once booked, everything is included. On some ships it is, they are normally the premium ships like Regent Seven Seas and others. On the budget ships, the food and beverage manager may have a target to reach – like we suggest as we have heard, £22.50 per person per day for the ship to work. So, budget ships will be out to sell the moment you get on board, they have to to survive. We have made a list of some of the things you might consider … and we never mentioned the kids in the film. But, if you have children with cruise cards that can spend freely on board, on anything from sodas to gaming machines, we suggest you go to reception and cap the limit on their cards. Read the small print in your cheaper deal, because it often means not so good or restricted dining times, that you have to pay for your shuttle bus … take a look at the film.

Find your ship’s chat site + share your pictures + experiences to help others  

Here is Jean’s film with seventeen good tips picked up from round the table on our last cruise.

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We have had three bumpy cruises this year. On the last ship sea sickness bands were $10.75 plus 15% service charge. On Amazon they are a fraction of that for a multiple colours pack. Just one example. Don’t go for the first deal as these sickness bands, also used for pre natal nausea, are often resold. Click the picture for a cheap listing or look through the pages.  Click the picture and leave them in the case 

If it is your first cruise you might want to read out first blogSEE THE NEW WORLDWIDE PORT GUIDE AND DESTINATION MENU AT DORIS VISITS


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