St. Vincent, East Caribbean Island – amazing fishing for Chi Chi (Tri Tri)

Seriously, this incredible experience we stumbled upon on the way to the best beach. It should be a tour, but scheduling it would be a nightmare because no one knows when the Chi Chi fish will come. It is a fantastic look into the life of people of St Vincent shared with us by the local villagers of Buccament, who told us the baby fish can come any time in the rainy season, from June to December, this film was shot in November. Buccament is a village on the way to Layou on the leeward side of St. Vincent. Buccament Bay is the only white sand beach area in St Vincent and the fish water that flows into the sea under a bridge attracts the baby Chi Chi fish. One dollar on a local bus with the friendliest people only too happy to chat and share. The small fish gather in the protection of submerged palm leaves, but it is a trap set by local fishermen and women. This fishing is done by families who all wade into the water a weigh down a large sheet with rocks. They then place palms over it and wait for the fish to swarm in. When full, the family gather to raise the sheet. Each sheet produces about five buckets of fish, which at market brings in $300 a net. When this happens the rum flows and by lunchtime, they were all dancing and singing.

The film of the fishing is here, but, it is actually a tour from the ship because to get to the beach on the ships tour you have to go over the bridge, so those who bought this tour got an extra treat into life on the beautiful island of St. Vincent. On the way to the Leeward bus station to go to Buccament Jean meets Ruth selling the fish in the market. They appear to be similar to a whitebait type of meal, small lightly fried fish. However, when we did some research it appears in some places the larger version of the fish is drunk as a shot, live. Seeing this volume of small fish and looking out to the ocean beyond makes you wonder at the circle of life and its enormity.

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St Vincent 2017 Road and Beach Map – download here from Doris Visits  If you want to look for this area on your may, Buccament is the only white beach ball, meaning white sand. There are two yellow beach balls and the rest are black meaning volcanic rock sand. The best beaches are on the small islands off this main island. See our films on Kingstown and Beach, St Vincent, and the island of Bequia.

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