TENERIFE, PUERTO de la CRUZ – Jean gets there by public bus for Doris Visits

tenerife-puerto-de-la-cruzIt might be the case that your ship does not sail until late and you can be a little more adventurous that you might be, even if you do want some time on the beach too. Jean was filming a number of things and she could have easily got the bus direct to Puerto de la Cruz, as she did on the way back. But from La Laguna, her first stop and a great film on another blog, she got the number 30 from the bus garage at the other end of Trinidad. Arriving in Puerto de la Cruz you need to think about what you want to accomplish. If you want to see the botanical Gardens, we suggest you get out there first. Not only can it close early (certainly 6pm), but you will then be walking down hill to Puerto de la Cruz, not up hill to the gardens. On the way down you will pass the Orchid Gardens where Agatha Christie and William Wilde, Oscar’s father have stayed, and then continue to walk down to the sea. A late sailing would mean you have time to do the gardens and go down and enjoy Puerto de la Cruz for late afternoon and early evening. The promenade is very attractive and the coastline is dramatic. We treated ourselves to lunch overlooking the bay.

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One day we will cover the gardens and post the film. In the mean time we do have films on La Laguna and Santa Cruz in Tenerife and on the main menu below, we have all the islands and some tours.click here for the New Canary Island cruise menu including West Africa & Cape VerdeClicking the DORIS VISITS COMPARE CRUISE DEALS BOX takes you to a variety of deals and explains how they are all found.

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  1. Northern Panorama
  2. Loro Parque
  3. Gardens of the Valley
  4. Puerto de La Cruz and Orotava Valley
  5. Mamas and Tapas
  6. Mount Teide National Park
  7. Mount Teide Cable Car
  8. Playa de las Americas on your own
  9. Puerto de la Cruz on your own



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