What to pack for a cruise? Dress code?

A topic guaranteed to cause arguments is dress code. I have no idea why as the terms of the contract you signed were clear.

What contract? When you book a cruise you sign and engage in a contract. You have been given the terms. There may be a few who feel they can avoid the dress code, but it is clear and most cruisers do dress.

Our stance is, knowing that all P&O ships have a formal night twice a week, and on that night some areas of the ship enforce the dress code, why not pack something that allows you to use the whole of the ship you have paid to enjoy. It is like a golf club, nice restaurant, or a hotel – and you are on a hotel – a collared shirt and jacket, no blue jeans or trainers. Ideally a suit and tie and ladies looking glam, and they do. Packing – I manage to get my DJ, a second suit, a couple of stage shirts and a spare pair of shoes and all my other stuff including my computer equipment for my show, into a cabin size suitcase. Normally I have still over packed. Obviously a trip to Iceland or Greenland is a little different, but not much. Having said that, Jean fills the larger of the three case luggage set, often wishes to put something in my case, and the middle size case stays at home. Ladies take an over shoulder wrap for the theatre or lounge if the air conditioning is on. I like a room chilled, Jean likes it warm.

Ladies take an over shoulder wrap for the theatre or lounge if the air conditioning is on. I like a room chilled, Jean likes it warm. Jean has now moved to a traditional case, but has suggested she might change back as she likes the case shown here – oh, and note from me – her creams bag has got larger! Who convinced people they needed cream?

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The book cruise ship laundry wars seen in the film, was retitle CRUISE TRAFFIC in the second draft. Find a newer version, Cruise Traffic. Enjoy your cruise. The above was for the Ventura Grand Cruise, a P&O ship. They have formal nights.

Every ship is different, Viking have no formal dress.

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Cunard is dressy every night after 6pm.

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Fred Olsen is a smart ship, most will wear a collar in the evening. SAGA is smart. It is essential that you read the terms of your contract – the smaller print in the cruise brochure. NCL have white nights, some have dress to impress nights. Some have no dress code. Book the right ship, don’t go with the hope you will change the ship, because you won’t.

If you don’t wish to dress, on many ships there are areas you can use. P&O have the buffet and pub, but not all cruise lines are so informal, or formal. Join the chat sight, chat with others, you will see the response your question gets.

Again. We say, pack to dress in a way that you can use all the ship.