Azura cruises great ports in the Med this summer 2024 – enjoy your holiday here on film – ship and ports

The MS Azura spends the first part of the summer cruising the Mediterranean, this is an exciting and useful prequel to your holiday..

Whether you are thinking of going on the Azura this summer, or you have been and want to remember, this film of the hot summer Mediterranean ports, visited by this great ship, is yours to share with fellow cruisers and enjoy. The walk around the ship is split with previews of the wonderful Mediterranean ports. Full port guides and ship tours are on this channel.

The Azura has always been a firm favourite of ours. Our first ever P&O ship was the Aurora and this seemed so much bigger, three clubs with three choices of live entertainment at night. We felt spoilt. It still remains a firm favourite, and it is hard to go wrong in the Mediterranean.

At Doris Visits we try and show you what is there, so here is a look at 12 of the great summer ports. We have films of the others but we were aiming at a twenty minute program so there are twelve, plus a quick look at some of the ship’s best bits. It feels like you are on a cruise, so, put it on the big screen and enjoy.

The full filmed guides are available on the Doris Visits YouTube channel and below we add in a couple we left out of this great holiday taster. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel, our FACEBOOK page, and like and share. If you fancy a holiday read, try and speed read the first two books in the cruise thriller series so that you know the characters, then, book three CRUISE TRAFFIC Cruise Trafficis a clever twist on sex trafficking using cruise ships circling the Med….

spoiler alert…

The collect new staff innocently is Albania and Croatia and the women are persuaded to leave the ship for better hotel jobs on the richer side of the Med. When the staffing trend is noticed, CSCI are called and two of their female agents get very involved as one goes under cover…. great to read while you are in the Med. Start with Cruise Ship Heist and be ready.


One thing we suggest to first cruisers is not to waste your arrival at the ship looking around it. As excited as you may be, you are on it for at least a week. If you have time, walk around Malta. Get back in good time, then, when it sails, explore the ship. Or, watch our full ship tour – below.

Here is a list of the Azura cruises and links direct to their web site. We gain nothing by sending you there, this site is supported by the cruise novel income and some income from YouTube.


TIP – The cruise number is the Holiday, a full two weeks. A plus B. Number plus A is the first week, a seven night option. Number plus B is the second week, a 7 night option. Number plus C is two weeks, the B from the last cruise, and the A from the next cruise.

Adding two numbers can be classed as a ‘back to back’ – this means adding two cruises together. Each cruise is an accounting unit, closed and opened, two totally different cruises in the computer. You carry on, but the system treats them separately.

If the number is not listed it is SOLD OUT. ALWAYS check the details with the P&O site, we may not have updated any possible changes. BEWARE – when a date is sold out, the link might take you to a similar date. Check and double check. Event and chat rooms on the chat site.

A418A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 20 Jun 2024. Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split, Taranto.

A418B – 7 nights – Valetta, Malta 27 June 2024, Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome), Livorno (Pisa, Florence), Ajaccio.  Event and chat room is here

A418C – 14 nights – Valetta, Malta 27 June 2024, Katakolon, Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome) Livorno (Pisa, Florence), Ajaccio. Valletta, Malta, Piraeus (Athens), Mykonos, Heraklion.

A419A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 4 Jul 2024, Piraeus (Athens), Mykonos, Heraklion, Katakolon.

A419B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 11 Jul 2024. Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split, Taranto.

A420A – 7 nights – Valetta, Malta 18 Jul 2024, Civitavecchia (Rome), Cannes, Ajaccio.

A420B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 25 Jul 2024, Athens, Mykonos, Heraklion, Chania,

A421A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 1 Aug 2024, Taranto, Corfu, Kefalonia, Catania Event and chat room is here

A421B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 8 Aug 2024, Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia, Calvi.

A422A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 15 Aug 2024 – Athens, Mykonos, Heraklion, Chania,

A422B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 22 Aug 2024 – Taranto, Corfu, Kefalonia, Catania

A423A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 29 Aug 2024 – Rome, Livorno, VilleFranche, Ajaccio

A423B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 5 Sep 2024 – Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Chania.

A424A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 12 Sep 2024 – Dubrovnik, Split, Koper, Zadar.

A424B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 19 Sep 2024 – Piraeus (Athens), Mykonos, Chania, Katakolon.

A425A – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 26 Sep 2024 – Naples Rome, Livorno, Ajaccio

A425B – 7 nights – Valletta, Malta, 3 Oct 2024 – Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split, Taranto.

425c is interesting as it takes you from the Med, on A428B then repositions in the Canaries…. another film.

Cruise Doris Visits Subscribe. Thank you
Cruise Doris Visits Subscribe. Thank you

Here the Azura is parted in Trieste, an Italian port some use to see Venice. But, it is a fantastic port in its own right.

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