One of Israel’s


Some may remember this ship as the Thompson Majesty. She was built in 1992 and now sails as the MS Crown Iris. An 11-story hotel ship with over 700 magnificent rooms for 2000 passengers, who love and enjoy the good life and are looking for unlimited indulgence.

MARELLA DISCOVERY 2 ship tour made for Doris Visits

What a great ship! A what a great video tour made for us by two members of our chat group.

MARELLA DISCOVERY ship tour and view of cabin while in Barbados

This film covers all the areas of the ship so you get a very good overview of what it looks like.

Doris Visits BALTIC CRUISE YouTube Channel

Unravel the mystery of the amazing Baltics. 

See the Cruise before you Cruise the Sea, share Doris Visits with a friend, fellow cruiser of someone you are trying to convert

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