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We are just back from sea and there are some messages we missed…. the ones that come in via FB from the general web, or this site, if not answered within a day (24hrs) we can’t then answer them as we retain no personal details.

We have no detail of the person and cannot contact them. We don’t keep lists or details, so the only connection is if you enquire via a chat site, or actually email us via the contact address.
For general questions you are best joining a chat site listed on the main page.
We missed someone asking about having to take long pants (trousers) on a ship. Our answer is always, yes, if you wish to use the whole of the ship that you have paid for. At night, almost all ships expect smart casual dress in the evening. However, the ship’s chat site is best for that discussion.
We almost always let the other guests answer who are uber-qualified to discuss their own ships. There are some things we can help with… and some things you all help us with. Thanks for your videos of the crossing-the-line party. I could have taken loads and spent weeks editing, so forgive me for not using them all.
How many times have you crossed the line? I think at least 4 here. Our first was on the Black Watch, and our latest was on the Aurora. If you have never been to a crossing-the-line party and a Kiss The Fish ceremony …. new crew, sailors, and hosts, have to kiss the fish at the end…. fun and games are had. The captain sometimes gets thrown in… not this time.
Thanks to all those who air-dropped me clips. My phone was red hot that day… so were those having fun and all the new young officers…and hosts.
In closing, we feel our job is to make port videos and ship tours and show you all what we see, and let you add comments. We host the chat sites and have a style, and let the guests talk to each other. What do we get? People start to read my books, that is the drive I have.

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