Liverpool Guide and news of a new £50m Cruise Terminal

Liverpool is a great place to visit. The city of music, art and partying. Jean has just visited Liverpool to show the site of the cruise terminal, the ferry, the Albert Dock and what is inside the Maritime Museum and why it should not be missed.

The museum has a Slavery section, Titanic Section, Lusitania section, Customs and seizing section. The new cruise terminal will make Liverpool a major cruise port again. The Beatles story and her boozy visit to the Cavern and Mathew Street are yet another film. (Both premiere in February). We have filmed many times in Liverpool but not filmed Liverpool until this weekend. Great film. Great city.

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The city is a wonderful mix of old and new buildings, the old classic buildings have been used for many movies and pretended to be Russia and other cities. The buildings were built on the profits of shipping and slavery in a by-gone era. The White Line Atlantic crossings left here but they say the Titanic never did.

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Many Cruise ships do use Liverpool, Disney is one, Cruise and Maritime, Fred Olsen are others. But many more could use this port if the facility gets bigger because it is a city with so many hooks to hang tourist attractions on. The Beatles, the football clubs.

New Civil Engineering announced that outline planning was passed in 2017. Liverpool council has now awarded the contract to demolish the old jetty. There will be a new £50m cruise terminal and passport control at Princes Dock, where the wooden Princes Jetty now sits. Obviously, some sums are done when such a business proposal is put together, but it is no exaggeration to say that the cruise industry is both expanding at a rate of knots as well as changing.
They estimate it could see £7m a year flood into the city’s economy. This year it welcomed more than 60 cruise vessels with 120,000 passengers and crew. That is only just one a week, think about Tallinn where they have around six ships a day and the potential is obvious if they can get it put onto the cruise routes. The way that might happen is to make it a home port or a base for a cruise line interested in transatlantic, USA to Europe routes.SHIPS & CHAT – Research other ships – passenger area tours, info & chat sites – Our Ships menu has every ship from every fleet – Find your ship’s chat site + share your pictures + experiences to help others – clickThis could mean more employment, more work for entertainers and tour operators, and assist other plans to regenerate the North Liverpool docklands as well as the city. The terminal will need car parking and hotel beds and planning permission is ongoing. Cunard, Princess and Viking are amongst the many already using the old terminal, and they will have to be found an alternative dock during construction. This is a Disney ship at the old dock.  DORIS VISITS BRITISH ISLES CRUISING PORT GUIDESDORIS VISITS NEAR UK CHANNEL + SHORT CRUISE W.EUROPE MENU OF PORT GUIDESDORIS VISITS SHORT CRUISE WEST COAST FRANCE PORTUGAL MENU OF PORT GUIDES If you have never cruised and wonder what the fuss is about, then take a look around our site, then maybe read our advice to new cruisers. Welcome to the site of Port and Destination guides, please take a moment to subscribe to our Cruise Port Guide Youtube Channel and share – families cruise together maybe 4 generations on the larger ships and there is more than just a little of something for them all.Please subscribe to the Doris Visits YouTube Cruise Destination Guide channel hereThe Doris Visits page on dress code, why, how and should I?GOOD READS FOR A CRUISE – A serial killer is on a ship in the Pacific days from land. – Millions of dollars smuggled on and off ship, then goes missing? – An agoraphobic woman who has never had a relationship decides to cruise before its too late? – Great books that happen on board cruise ships, that make excellent reading while cruising – click here for our cruise novels page.