Barbados. The dramatic east coast. The Atlantic.

There is another side to Barbados that is not sheltered yellow sandy beaches. The Atlantic crashes into the east coast, and it is the side of Barbados you will choose if you like walking with dramatic landscapes. Public transport in Barbados is fantastic and can get you to most places. Bathsheba is a great place to start. Waves break over rocks and reefs creating small pools. Many natural swimming pools start as rock pools. The surf at the “Soup Bowl” is located in Bathsheba and is the surfer’s choice. Jean takes you there by bus.

Further north are other beaches like Cattlewash, and it can be a day of collecting seashells before getting the bus home. The bus drivers will tell you the timetable. The east coast is the cooler side is also the side of the wealthy plantation homes. Some of these are open to the public. From Fairchild Street Terminal, the main central bus terminal on the bridge, we could have got Bus: 10, 16A, 26. to the Sunbury Plantation House which is about 5km from the airport near the Foursquare rum distillery and a little off the Bathsheba bus route. It was built around 1660 by Matthew Chapman, one of the first settlers on the island. He was related to the Earl of Carlisle and through this association, was granted lands in Barbados. Sunbury Plantation House is over 300 years old, steeped in history, featuring mahogany antiques, old prints, and a unique collection of horse-drawn carriages. This is the only great house with all rooms available for viewing. It has a red corrugated iron roof, an abundance of old mahogany furniture and Victorian interiors. You can get to Sunbury Plantation House by Bus from Bridgetown.

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