Barbados. North from Bridgetown to Mullins, Hometown and Sand Lane

Mullins is a treat, the north coast is sheltered and special. You can go three ways from Bridgetown, north, south, or east. This video takes you north. It is where some of the best hotels have pitched themselves including the Sandy Lane. You can go into the Sandy Lane Hotel and buy a beer provided you are reasonably dressed, but you cannot sit at the beach bars which are reserved for guests.

Jean takes you on the $2 bus up to Mullin sand stops for lunch. Guests have told us Mullins restaurant was affected by storms, so it might have limited service. Jean then heads back, stopping at shopping heaven, Holetown. Holetown was the original British settlement in Barbados, landing in 1625, and originally called St James Town. It has a monument and the island’s oldest church, but nowadays it is better known for being the centre of designer shopping.

Before finding her way back to the ship, she stops at Sandy Lane Hotel for a beer. Each bus ride is $2. Check out the cruise luggage labels under the film.

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