Cartagena de Indias, Columbia

Charming, narrow cobbled streets, balconies overflowing with blooming bougainvillea, Spanish influenced brightly painted facades and pastel-coloured buildings lining the elegant plazas plus a host interesting colonial buildings lead you to the fantastic cathedral and palace that dominate the city. These are just a few reasons why Cartagena is one of Latin America’s most photogenic cities. The Cartagena City Tour, is great for history lovers, photographers and shoppers. City Map

Cartagena was the transit port for all the wealth Spain took from South America. The location was a safe haven for ships making it a very popular port, formerly founded around 1533. The colonial city is full of history, often blood thirsty with signs of the city’s pirating past seen everywhere. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, the city’s largest fortress and one of the strongest forts ever created by the Spaniards during their colonial period, was built to protect their position and gains and fortify and support their hold on the Caribbean. It was used in anger for over 200 years. The “Old City” is made up of twelve blocks of attractions, boutiques and restaurants to ensure this destination never has a dull moment. Mangroves Ecological Tour, offers a completely different view, this of the natural treasures of Columbia.


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Shore excursions in Cartagena can include a three or so hour trip to Boquilla Village Mangrove Eco Tour and can include a traditional canoe exploration, then some time in the Old City on a short guided walk. 

P&O Cruises to Cartagena

or a 2½ hour Cartagena & Carriage Ride to Capture the Cartagena in a horse-drawn carriage ride in old walled city.

Or a tour combining the sights of Cartagena combined with a visit to the historic Inquisition Palace. Or, there is the colourful Chiva bus, think reggae bus and you are close.

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