Celebrity Xpedition in the Galapagos

This 90m long ship ship stays mainly in the Pacific Ocean and repeatedly visits the Galapagos Islands sailing in and out of the Charles Darwin port. Darwin is also the name of the restaurant, named after the English naturalist, geologist and biologist, known for his theories on evolution. On deck there is an informal Beagle Grill. The boat has a maximum capacity of 96 passengers with 46 cabins over 4 decks. The guests are serviced by 68 crew, including a reception and a shop and everything you need. It is one of three vessels making up the Xpedition class and they are for cruises who want half luxury cruise, half intrepid exploration. Despite being just over half the size of Chelsea FC owner, Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich’s yacht Eclipse, it is a cruise ship both in official terms and what you can expect on board, it is a small ship that explores an archipelago of Pacific Islands in luxurious facilities. Two wonderful lounges are ready for you to take in spectacular views of the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands the Blue Finch Bar on the Panorama Deck and the peace of the Discovery Lounge. Obviously there is not a theatre cast performing Grease on stage, such huge scale West End / Broadway entertainment is why we also travel on larger ships. This is different, you can go from the peace of the library to the serenity of the hot tub on the sun-soaked sunrise desk. After seeing the Cabin you might want to see the ship. The tours offer a clue of what there is in the Galapagos, we also have a film. But take a look at the ship.

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Also take a look at the Cabin. This is one time that a little planning and double checking on what to pack and what is going to be there might be wise. Here is a good film on what to pack for Galapagos. If you cruised the other Pacific Islands like Hawaii and Bora Bora and Tahiti, then go that large step further and try the Galapagos.

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