Bora Bora says Aloha!

We went to Bora Bora with both the Black Watch and more recently the Arcadia, both ships love to travel. Bora Bora is a tender port and the Arcadia was moored in the bay with the Holland & America, Maasdam.


Bora Bora is a sun, sea and sand paradise unless it rains. Basically, there is little or no port, it is expensive, you can go to a fun bar by taxi called Bloody Marys, a Beach by taxi (fair walk but possible) or go to a resort. Then there is the round the island tour which you can do in a hire car/eco-vehicle. We show you all in the video.

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The day we were there it rained though it was warm rain. We still got to see what you would see if the sun was out, as there is very little to see and do in Bora Bora. If it does rain there will be a queue for the tender back, as there will be at lunchtime. When you step from the ship, music will be waiting to greet you as the locals try to sell you tours and facilities. The port is full of Pearl shops that will make jewellery to your design. You will not find this port interesting if you just stay in the port.

If you chose the clear turquoise blue sea you chose right – it is a swimmer or snorkeler’s dream. Lazing on the fantastic sand is good too. The beach is a five dollar taxi up the road once all the buses have finished hustling for around the island tours – it is not a walk. That beach is shown in the film so you can assess that trip. Our film shows the short island tour with just four featured stops.

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