Karama shopping in Dubai, 100% genuine fakes at 90% discount!

Here is a Dubai film you won’t see often. We start in Karama, go to eat street side at Ravi’s that watch Carlos Santana in the Park. You can spend on premium goods at the expensive Mall, but there is a down-downtown not too far away, where you can find, and we are quoting the claim made by many hawkers, ‘100% genuine fakes at 90% discount!’. It is a great line even if it is not that true, but, maybe it is. Karama has a different feel and an evening there should be on your list. You will get one of the best Kebabs you have ever tasted for less than a GB pound. Here is where your money will go further but you need to bargain and be prepared to walk away. Here is where you will be shown every watch made on the planet and they will start at £100 and come down to £20, if not walk away. Bags galore of every make and colour. So, if this is your handbag, and you like to bargain, visit Karma before you visit the big malls.

Then just a taxi ride across town eat real food at Ravi’s…many taxi drivers do not speak English even if they can convince you they do, so whilst they are cheap, for unusual destinations they can get lost. However, they should know Ravi’s. Everyone knows Ravi’s. Print out a picture as well as the address, in Arabic if you can. No.3, Street No.D591, The Gardens. Ravi’s is where you find many local people and those who travel to Dubai regularly. Those who know you can eat great food, street side in your shorts for pennies. 4 of us ate for around £20. The food is Kerala style cooking, and we do have some videos on Kerala cooking from our visit there when Doris took cookery classes.

This video also explains how to use the spotlessly clean arty designed Metro which both Malls are on.

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Finally Jean dances to Carlos Santana in the Park, Dubai is an incredible place.

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