Sarande, Albania – a gem

We discovered Sarande, pronounced Saranda doing research for the third cruise crime novel. Reading everything travellers are consistent in loving this small town that you can see from Corfu. Very cheap hotels and the best and cheapest sea food. Neither may interest a cruiser but it does sound like the fresh sea food is worth the small expense at this blue waters shallow tender port.

It has many ruins, but they are just that. Ruins with stories like so much of the coastline. The best will be Butrint which may well be offered as a boat trip. Both Lekuresi Castle and the Monastery of 40 Saints (from which Sarande took its name) are on un-signposted roads so you will need a trip or a taxi to find them.

You are more likely to be using one of the beaches. Great beaches are obvious, the Mirror beach is worth finding and quieter. If you have an evening there, the Mussel House has free boat trips out to its mussel farm at 1830, then the best sea food in town.

So, it does feature in our third crime novel. Cruise Ship Heist is first, a great read on a cruise ship. Cruise Ship Serial Killer is the second book. Albania, Dubrovnik and the Med’ will feature in Cruise Ship Laundry Wars. Maybe out by the time you read this.

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