Laundry area on a ship is huge

Towel and sheet folding is not an art, it is non-stop on a ship, hitting targets of over 200 per hour. Not all ships have a dry cleaning section but the Norwegian Breakaway does, as well as the endless line of machine machines. See the billowing shirt steamer and many other gems in this huge 24/7 work area, with three shifts working around the clock. The care the team takes with guests clothes is amazing and it is why some use this service on a ship rather than their service back home. See the pride they take in the evening dresses. In the novel Laundry Wars, you will see why we were researching it. Let us just say that in the cruise thriller series, a dead body is thrown down the laundry chute at some point. If you like a good read while on a cruise, load your Kindle now.

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