The Best Worst Mistake – Cruise Novel from member

Life for Jessica MacLeod was all mapped out. A successful career, her own house and her less than perfect partner Tony were all that Jessica knew until he left her.

Everyone reacts differently to these situations and much to everyone’s horror, Jessica’s reaction was life-changing. She decides to throw it all away in the search of a distant dream to see the world. This is not the Jessica that everyone knew. She was in control, focussed and career-driven not someone who took risks on a personal level. But the break is harder for her to come to terms with that anyone had realised and Jessica jacks it all in to take a job on a Luxury Cruise liner as a cocktail waitress, a job that paid less than her monthly mortgage payments.

The constants in her life include long-term best friend Maggie and Sue, the boss that gave her all the right opportunities to get her where she was today. Both of these people are very supportive and again react very differently to the breaking news that Jessica bestows upon them.

With her head in cloud cuckoo land, Jessica makes preparations to leave. As she does she and best friend Maggie somehow romanticise about her forthcoming adventure. With all the right Cruise Clothes and every scenario thought out, Jessica set off.

Once onboard she meets the Characters that make up the crew and the initiations to life a sea begin. Used to building strong relationships, Jessica is in deep water as she struggles with the twelve-hour days, the bitching, and the backstabbing not to mention the cramped living conditions.

Induction after induction, Jessica is nowhere nearer to learning about ship life or the ship’s safety. The crew bar is the heart of the crew’s quarters and where nothing goes unnoticed, where new relationships are flaunted and old ones are shoved in your face. The passengers are the least of her problems.

Jessica’s morals are thrown to the wind as she starts to finally have the worst and yet best times of her life onboard The Galaxy Princess.

Essentials reading of a cruise. You will cruise with the storey.

The Port guides are made by us, here on Doris Visits. They are a great way to research a port before booking or going, for tips and to save money. They are also a way of sharing with others where you have been. The crime novels are a whole new experience of a port. You may not have been to the ports in the novels, you certainly won’t have been to the parts of the ship they use. All the cruise crime novels will make you feel like you are in the adventure and on that cruise.

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