Adriatic Cruise YouTube Channel – just the Adriatic films in one channel

Venice to Croatia YouTube Playlist. Leave it running and see the area used to make the Game of Thrones all by cruise. A fantastic historical and media current cruise.

The YouTube playlist is for film guides and tours without having to read the blogs. The picture below is one click to just the Adriatic Cruise films, gathering endless tips from each one. Leave the playlist running and imagine the cruise, the filming of the worlds number 1 TV series.. GO STRAIGHT TO THE ADRIATIC FILMS AND PLAY

Please remember, next time you book a cruise online, if it is with SAGA, Fred Olsen, Marella, P&O please book through our links so we can keep the numbers up to keep our affiliation. It helps us get codes and offers we can direct you to.  (more below – but out deals page should be explored – you will see how it works).

CHAT GROUP – Adriatic Cruise Community & Chat on Facebook – If you love the Adriatic then join the community and share here. Ask, or answer other people’s questions, meet other cruisers going on your cruise. Guests are the knowledge base here at Doris Visits – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHAT

It would be unusual for an Adriatic cruise not to stop in Dubrovnik, so if there is no section for Adriatic, we search Dubrovnik. It gets the desired result.


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