Cagliari – BEACH option is good. Public bus is easy.

The beach gives the town a more than good run for its money. It is vast, clean, well serviced and easy to get to by bus. The only slight snag is you need a ticket before you get on the bus. They can be bought easily in confectionary shops and newsstands displaying the logo which says bus. It is no more than a few Euros. The bus shelter has a ticket booth but unless you have the right money they are the least helpful.

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The bus to jump on is the PF although a number of buses go in that direction. We walked first, to get to see a feature on the tourist map, a church, seen in the film very briefly. Then a cafe which was worth the walk, that was just a little further on. From there we suggest crossing over and waiting for the bus. The walk is possible, but it is unlikely you would volunteer to walk back as well. It is a good 12,000 steps +.


Beaches… wow.  It seems endless. All golden sand and clean. Many cafes and small restaurants are along the front. They all look the same but the service and what is available varies greatly so take a look before you sit down.

We have a film about the town. It is a favourite port with many ships especially P&O. Sunday a lot of things will be closed, but the beach is open.

Film on the town – click here 

Take Champagne to the beach and have a treat. Want to know how it is made?

Cruise Doris Visits Subscribe. Thank you
Cruise Doris Visits Subscribe. Thank you
Cruise Doris Visits Subscribe. Thank you

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