Leclerc Briant champagne tour. Epernay, France.

Founded in the village of Cumières in 1872 by Lucien Leclerc, it moved to Chemin de la Chaude Ruelle, Epernay, in 1955. Under the dynamism of the founder’s great-grandson, Bertrand Leclerc, and his wife Jacqueline Briant, the estate-based business changed its status to that of a Maison de Negoce or trading house. In 2012 it was acquired by Mark Nunelly and Denise Dupré, an American couple who are great enthusiasts of the French “art de vivre”. They fell in love with the nonconformist character of the House and the village. They are joined by Frédéric Zeimett, a native of Champagne, who since then has led the House to the marches of Champagne codes, serving the expression of a unique style that is now internationally recognized. They also own a small hotel nearby. The Barge cruise from Paris to Epernay on the Marne canal is a chance to see Reims, the City of Art and History, home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Notre Dame Cathedral. In this film, we offer a look at the G H Mumm Champagne Tour. On this channel, we also have a tour of the region and cathedral. And other champagne tours as well as a visit to Hautvillers and its beautiful surrounding vineyards.

Planning is required. It is best to both book your tours in advance.


And book your restaurants. The restaurants in the main street in Reims are bulk and fast, we were disappointed both times we ate there. However, in the back streets of Reims, good restaurants can be found. Here, once again it is best to plan and book. See our film on Reims for a good dining option. Tell them we sent you – they won’t have a clue who Doris is, but then who does?

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