Cruise insurance and travel details.

Insurance is always contractually required, world ENTRY REQUIREMENTS change daily. Below we offer a selection of cruise travel insurance companies. Although the PCR test on re-entry may have gone in England, it is required if your LFT – lateral flow test shows a possible infection. We list Antigen Test companies. We advise that you always read ALL the small print of booking, contract, insurance, entry requirements.

To cruise, many ships require a double vaccination that is no older than – check their date. Some require a booster. Dates of the jabs are becoming more important.

The government website has up to date advice, and often a link to the destination country’s requirements. Some countries now demand a double vaccination for all ages which may cause a problem for families who have children who are not yet vaccinated. The rules change. The Government online page – Government advice country by country 

Example – here is the page for SPAIN

CRUISE INSURANCE OPTIONS  Cruise Insurance from Just Travel Over 70’s Insurance  Cruise Insurance from StaySure SAGA cruise insurance TUI/Marella Cruise Insurance

TEST LABS My Health Corona Test Centre Flysurance Rapid  4 Medical

Government advice country by country


Expect your cruise operator to check your insurance, to check you for COVID and if they supplied the taxi to check their employee. If you are concerned about your safety or your holiday being disallowed by the third party like a driver, as for their test confirmation before embarking in their car.

Carry your insurance at all times. Carry your COVID passport. Photocopy backup important documentation may be considered as it is good to have in a spare. Always have any medical card, EU Medical card or European medical card and ensure it is in date. If you are offloaded from a ship the card may become more relevant.

Expect insurance companies to ask for your medical records before they payout. It has always been a condition of booking a cruise that you have cruise valid insurance. Booking a cruise means you are entering and agreeing to a contract and the terms and demands.

Be correctly insured and that your EHICard (or similar) is up to date. (Yes it has a validity date on!!!)

I intend not to get into an argument with anyone as to the validity of any card, arguments are for barristers to do and judges to rule on. But if you are lifted off a ship, and your partner follows and stays in a foreign hotel while you are in hospital, they may need the EU or equivalent card as they are now in a foreign place. It can get complex. As you leave the hospital and travel home, you may need an EU or similar card. (Similarly, if you are put off a ship after being arrested. Fighting or shoplifting or any crime on a zero-tolerance ship).

There are some modern complications with the card now we are not in the EU. However, we are still in Europe. There is the EHICard. The new UK EHICard and a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC).

Press here for the link to take you to the government GLOBAL HEALTH page

Link the box uses is this –


Joyce Kettle, 74, a great grandmother from Blyth, Northumberland, was been hit with a £50,000 bill for an airlift to a hospital from the Marella Discovery 2. (according to the Telegraph 31st January 2018 but it is also widely covered). Whilst many have previously have avoided needing to use insurance or managed to get it easily, it might take longer to get this arranged. We have had one guest who still could not get cover with three days to go and had to cancel her SAGA cruise. Joyce apparently had free BANK TRAVEL INSURANCE THAT INCLUDED CRUISE – apparently, it was not enough.

Government advice country by country

Here we suggest every detail is checked. Verbally is not enough for these sums of money, get the document, read it, check you have the following at least written in your terms.

  • Ability to Cruise i.e. – specific cruise insurance
  • For the length of the cruise
  • For the place that you are going to cruise to (and maybe lifted off to) – and the Americas and sometimes the Caribbean may not be covered on general European Cruise Insurance.
  • Does the insurance require medical history?
  • Does the insurance require the double-jab (and the booster?)

It is that old saying, you get what you pay for. Buy cheap, buy twice.

I am not sure that insurance will form a future cruise crime novel of mine, but you never know. My cruise crime novels are set on real ships and deal with some real and pressing issues, as well as some new things and ideas about where cruising is going. I know they are fiction, but they are based on someone who jumps from ship to ship as a guest employee. Read a cruise while you are at home, or in luxury on the deck. I know a bit about above and below decks, so these major crimes that staff security is ill-equipped to deal with will open up a lot you don’t know about the ship.

CHAT GROUPS – ADULT ONLY – Chat is useful, but check officially

SAGA Ocean cruise chat group – over 40’s if travelling with someone over 50. Both ships SPIRIT of DISCOVER, SPIRIT of ADVENTURE



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