Francis Rossi unedited interview as his book goes to number 3 in chart.

Just weeks before Francis Rossi’s book, ‘I Talk Too Much’ was to hit the shelves, we were asked to go to Fiji to recount the making of Bula Quo with the rock legends Status Quo for P&O and re-tell the story. We all knew there was a chance that making the film might be the last big venture for the duo Francis and Rick, even though a sequel in India was planned. None of us could tell at the time how Rick would take to the heat, he was losing his hair daily because of the steroids he had to take. Francis had originally said he would only wear his signature black jeans and white shirt. This new venture for both of them meant working longer hours than ever and we knew would be a test on many levels.

The new book is out now.

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During filming, Francis sat on the beach and just talked, talked about things he has never mentioned before, like the band member way back when called Barry. He also told of the relationship with Rick, his feelings of fear before new projects and how the film had surprised them both and put new life in the relationship.

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For the first time, we release the interview unedited. The book I Talk Too Much is available from Amazon in various forms and on Kindle. I TALK TOO MUCH went into the Sunday Times charts at number 3 this week. #FrancisRossi #Italktoomuch #StatusQuo

 Below is the film we shot back in Lautoka, Fiji and talking about where we shot the movie.

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Tickets for his new tour are available, see his own web site.