Top Ten things to do in Dubai, and Ten or More not to !!

Dubai is now a popular cruise stop, and occasionally passengers are lucky enough to get an overnight. You may go for a holiday so here is a list of things to do, and things not to do if you don’t want to be arrested. And being arrested here means arrested! The P&O Arcadia stops there on the way back from its 99 night Western Circumnavigation but only for the day, but other ships are now berthing from Dubai on fly cruise breaks as the whole area opens up with the larger Suez Canal and more and more tourism being invented. So what do you do? Having had family live in Dubai we have seen it a little more than a day allows, so let Doris Visits help.

When we went to Dubai in 2005 it was a building site, everywhere we looked they were building skyscrapers. What we lacked then was their vision and plan. To say Dubai is now the new America might stir you to think in the right direction. 85% of the population of Dubai are not local; they are people who have gone there to help build a new land. However, many of them have children born in the UAE with the best medical care and who will grow up going to the best schools. Those who have moved to Dubai have gone like the explorers who settled in America, but luckily without the bloodshed. Dubai is safe. The new residents have settled there for better prospects and a better lifestyle. They are the people moulding the new Dubai with the locals and enjoying the society’s respect and culture that is one of zero tolerance that in turn brings the gift of almost zero crime. You will find the people friendly and helpful.

You may be drawn to what can claim on some levels to be the largest shopping mall in the world, but you cannot conceive just how huge it is. You can go see a movie, come out and eat, and late into the night hours, people are still shopping with their young families. There is an Aquarium that stands three stories tall and in which you can dive with sharks, but you need to book in advance on-line. Your day trip will mean you will miss the night life, the night time lit-up water fountain show, the bars, the partying, but you will still grab a beer somewhere in the heat. There are bars everywhere. But you cannot be drunk on the streets and must be respectful. You can walk the Mall in a short skirt and bikini top, but must not show affection in public to a partner. If you live there, the rules are simple.


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For the day visitor, the old style Souks are near the cruise terminal. The Metro all but runs into the cruise terminal and it is a walk into the heritage village and material souk if you wish to avoid a taxi. For the old textile souk, you can get a boat across to the gold and spice souks, or a Metro Day Ticket, take a quick look at the souks and then the Metro out to the Dubai Mall. The Metro is the cleanest, most arty Metro you will have seen. The Mall is a fair tunneled walk from the Tube but they are joined.

The beach and Marina are also on the Metro, so you could view our ten films we have on Dubai, but to make it easier we have done a must do top ten. This will give you a general flavour of Dubai and show you the places you will no doubt be considering all in a few minutes.

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Ten or more things not to do, or you will be arrested.

Don’t drink out in the open in public, do not take drugs anywhere, do not play loud music in the street, dance in the street, kiss in public or hold hands. Do not take pictures of locals, it is rude to photograph local women without full permission. No swearing no nudity and although barriers on dress codes have been pushed and pushed, don’t be the one to test the police. If you have an LBGTKQ life style this is not the place to make a point. Keep it under the radar.

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A number of ships are now basing themselves in Dubai and offering cruises locally or back and forth through the Suez Canal now it has been expanded and is open for big business. Fly cruises and cruises. The Arcadia is going there.

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