Dubai Madinat is a village of bars and restaurants

The first time we went to the Madinat , the playground of the rich, we went by taxi for dinner, spoilt by our son and his wife who lived there. We took a ride on a gondola type boat in this man made Venice where there are most big franchise bar restaurants. This whole resort is a very expensive complex of pampering, so we are going to stay with the area known as Souk Madinat, Jumeirah. The film is from our second visit a year on we had been at the Marina then the main Beach and we got the local tram to the end of the line to visit a surfers local beach. We then walked towards the Madinat. It was a fair way and a bus would have been better as they are easy and frequent, but we were still at the Madinat for sunset which is a time to be settled with a beer anywhere in Dubai. Yes, there is so much tosh talked about Dubai by those who have never been. There are bars and drinking places everywhere. Just search Dubai night clubs and you will be awash with party, party, party ….. Like in the UK bars are licensed places. You cannot buy beer from shops or on the street, you have to buy alcohol from places that are licensed, like the UK used to be… the old fashioned Off License. You do not have to cover up and can wear bikinis. But, have respect, this is a country with no crime and zero tolerance which is why there is no crime. Do not go too far, those who live in the UAE understand that and enjoy the freedom of a crime free society. You can leave your wallet and Macbook on table in a cafe and go shopping and come back and it will be there. OK, don’t make us responsible but watch, you will see it.

Behave, be respectful. Being drunk on the street or topless bathing are both unacceptable (at the moment). The Madinat is a collection of bars, wine bars, nightclubs and of restaurants, many franchise names you will know, some new ones. The tables by the man made canal have to be booked. This is busy every night of the week and looking at our 10 films or more on Dubai and the tours available, it is easy to see why it has become a top holiday destination. Take a look at our Madinat film.

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Madinat Souk

The vast indoor souk is lovely but people tend not to go there to shop, but to eat and drink.  However, there is still huge trade walking through and you can browse in these well stocked and varied shops. It is not like a mall where you have the same stores everywhere in the world. These shops and stalls have an individual style. This souk is perhaps more tourist focused but has all the goods on offer under a roof and you do not get hassled. There are great tee shits for the kids and a fascination for Pinocchio puppets.

Night club

Outside at the entrance to the souk you could be in Beverly Hills.  The circular drop off area is also for one of the most trendy night clubs. As the evening escalates, so does the number of the most expensive cars jockeying for position. Cars that were expensive before the owner had them blinged. So, when I say expensive, I mean expensive. This is a country which sells gold iPhones on the beach in special promotions.

So to list the actual restaurants would be pointless, you need to walk round it and choose what you want to eat, which table you want and book it for a return evening if, as I suspect, you cannot get it when you want it. Take a gondola ride, have a few drinks, and if you need to eat you can normally get a table at the American type sports bar on the upper floor.

This is probably one of the best places in the world to go people watching. The mix of people, their purposes, and the body language and behaviour is a book. These people come from all over the world to work or search for something. Dubai is 80% ex-pat.

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