Duquesa, Sabinillas, La Castillo on the Costa Del Sol

All of these villages in the principality of Manilva were previously part of a huge Roman fishing Village, thought to have been called Saltum. The Castillo was there to protect the  18th-century village. Now the huge stretch of sandy beach has more value than the fishing, but, the fresh fish on offer in the restaurants is worth sampling. If you feel like a modern day Roman then Dean runs fishing holidays.

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Just 45 minutes from Gibraltar and 60 minutes from Malaga, Duquesa is the larger of the seafront towns with a very popular fort and many restaurants making it a lively resort. With a golf course just the other side of the E7 surrounded by expensive villas (one owned by a recent lottery winner) it has everything to offer. There is also new development on another golf course further up into the mountains but the price tag for that gated community is going to be high. With a market in the port, clubs and bars and endless restaurants with food from many nations, it is likely you will be attracted here wherever you stay.


There is less going on here, but the beach is as deep and as endless so if you are looking for a deal within reach of everything else, try the hotels here and flights into Gibraltar.

La Castillo

Is the extension of Duquesa to the castle, where there is a great beach restaurant near a large children’s play area on the sand which stays open till late. This is the stretch where there are many developments and rentals. Take a look at the film and orientate yourself. Then look at the films on Estepona and Sotogrande, it’s nearest neighbours. Marbella which is further away, Mijas and Malaga which offer bundles to do.

If you are on a road trip from Gibraltar? Check out great deals on hotels here, try the mountains. Then look at our places along the coast, Sotogrande, Estepona, Marbella, Mijas, Malaga.

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