Fred Olsen offer free flights on exotic cruises

Another great deal from the small ship experience Fred Olsen. Competition is hotting up for your cruise business and with SAGA investing in two new state of the art small ships for adults only, like Viking Cruises, the nice market Fred Olsen has is being stretched. So, does it mean we will see more great deals like the free flight offer. This includes the Caribbean! It also includes some fantastic routes these ships find, away from the normal and into small ports that large ships cannot go to. The Boudicca routes on this deal include Arabia and the Indian Ocean.

Click here for the deal – Free Flights to selected exotic cruise locations

Fred Olsen say – “Enjoy FREE Flights and Transfers* when you book from a tempting selection of exotic fly-cruise holidays to Indian Ocean islands, the Caribbean or India – the most exciting and rewarding way to discover the best of these iconic, far-flung destinations. 

Book any of the cruises below and you’ll fly straight to the heart of your chosen region of discovery, cutting out a number of sea days to focus on spending more of your holiday packing in highlights galore. Perhaps marvel at the landscapes and wildlife of idyllic, dream-like locations such as Mauritius, the Seychelles and Madagascar; explore extraordinary cities including Mumbai and Porbandar – birthplace of Gandhi; or simply soak up the sunshine and carnival atmosphere of Antigua and Barbados.

Whatever sailing you choose, you’ll benefit from our fantastic FREE Flights and Transfers offer* if you book now, so you’re sure to enjoy your adventure even more knowing you’re saving all the way.”

Click here for the deal – Free Flights to selected exotic cruise locations

We have a number of chat sites for the Fred Olsen ships now up in the new sections of Doris Visits, and those Fred Olsen Chat sites can be found here.

Fred Olsen say the offer includes – “a relaxing, stress-free experience from start to finish. This is why we have put together a dedicated flight programme for the exotic holidays in our FREE Flights and Transfers offer which includes: 

  • A Duty Management team at the airport to assist with any enquiries
  • Inflight-pack which includes an eye-mask, socks, toothbrush & toothpaste and ear plugs
  • A two-course meals and drinks service

For more information about our dedicated flight programme, please speak with a member of our friendly Reservations team.”


It does sound like everything is done to make life easier and more holiday like, like we do with destination films and guides. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel when watching our films, the team that make them are always grateful. ANTIGUA ARUBA BAHAMAS BARBADOS BERMUDA BONAIRE CANAVERAL COSTA RICA COLUMBIA CURACAO CUBA DOMINICAN REP – AMBER COVE GRENADA GUADELOUPE JAMAICA KEY WEST MARTINIQUE MEXICO NEW ORLEANS PANAMA St THOMAS St KITTS St LUCIA Sint MAARTEN St VINCENT (& Bequia) TORTOLA TRINIDAD & TABAGO


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