6 cruise thrillers for under £10

For our cruise followers, we offer a deal that is hard to beat. 6 CSCI cruise novels for under £10.

Our way of saying thank you for supporting Doris Visits was to bunch the books together to get the price down low. Following Cruise Ship Heist’s win at the LA Noe Noir Festival the book hit number one in a number of Amazon charts in the USA and we saw it hit number 3 in the UK although we were told it also hit number 1 here.

Cruisers can now load this into their smart phone or device, and take the cruise novel library wherever they go. At 1600 pages, you could not carry a book  that large, unless it was in your smartphone or Kindle.

Doris Visits chats with many fellow cruisers via our main platform, YOUTUBE as well as having a number of cruise ship chat sites where we let guests chat with themselves.

If you don’t have a Kindle, there are free Kindle Apps for the smart phone, and your phone can store more books than many libraries – and lets face it you read your phone, so why not a book where the print can be as large as you want and bigger on your smartphone than on a book page!
Please tell fellow cruisers and groups that the best deal is the box set and it is a great gift. Via Amazon, you can gift the box set.

With 4 million books released a year, the CSCI success shows a lot of people who enjoy reading a thrilling cruise as well as sailing one.