Key West, walking the boardwalk beside the sea

We love Key West, this time there we went to the boardwalk. Easy to find.

We have other videos on Key West. We love it, one of our favourite cruise stops. Try and find a Caribbean cruise with this on. It has a beach in the nature reserve just a walk right of the ship as you get off. Left is the boardwalk.

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Other films on our main Key West page – we walk the tow, bars, bands and Ernest Hemingway’s House, a Wreckers house and more.

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The Port guides here on Doris Visits are a great way to remember your cruise and share with your friends. The crime novels are a whole new experience. You may not have been to the ports in the novels, you certainly won’t have been to the parts of the ship they use. All the cruise crime novels will make you feel like you are in the adventure and on the ship – dodge the bullets and stay out of the romance. Ship and cruise accurate, the novels are a great way for new cruisers to discover a ship too. Please share the Amazon link. .CRUISE SHIP HEIST


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