MSC SEAVIEW new mega due any day now – circa 5,000 guests

The MSC Seaview was floated out on 23 AUGUST 2017, and we expect news of the delivery ceremony soon. Follow the fantastic build journey here.  MSC SEAVIEW – the build – a whole journey

MSC SeaviewMSC Seaview will be their newest ship August 2018, the second of three in the Seaside Class with super special on board digital facilities. It takes two to three years to get a ship built and delivered, so the journey from the 16th October 2015 might seem long, but from that date when the first steel was cut the workers have been busy at the FINCANTIERI’s Monfalcone shipyard in Italy. The coin ceremony is traditional and is to wish good fortune, in the same way I remember adults giving babies silver or a silver coin in the East End when I was a lad. There are actually two on some ships, but the most famous takes place at the keel laying. This is in the the early stages of a ship’s construction when one or two coins are welded to the keel. Though in some cases they go and get the coins back when the ship sails out of dry dock. The second coin paying can be and what is known as Mast Stepping –  towards the end of a ship’s construction, and involves the placing of coins underneath the mast of a ship. Today, the coins are normally welded beneath the radar mast. For the Seaview the Keel Laying coin ceremony was on 2nd February 2017. The ship will feature a west Mediterranean route as far as Valletta in Malta in the summer, and then head for South America in the winter. Larger ports are needed at sea! Valetta has the deepest natural harbour in the Mediterranean, but you knew that, you are a regular at Doris Visits!

Malta Walking Guide of Valetta Malta Churches Malta Hospital Experience Malta Island Buses

Who was predicting such growth in this industry which might get itself into a high leveraged risk position. By that we mean the growth is there to see but with about 30 new ships to hit the seas in maybe 3 years or so, 30 x 3000 guests x 40 weeks is a need for over three million new cruisers. Plus the need to fill current ships, and this is a conservative five. Sally Katz interesting cruise novel AMERICAN PORTRAIT sees a dark plot evolve, with a sub plot of the need to improve marketing that sets a company director in a romance that he shouldn’t be. It bases the story round the inner huge growth of the spa centres on board and the younger older woman. Hey, its a good read and very intuitive. Click the picture.

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MSC CRUISES FROM SOUTHAMPTON – click here   We have yet to find a written dress code for MSC, but people do get smart in the smart places and you will see in number 3 they suggest you bring a tux and the ladies an evening dress. We have the following (taken from their web site.) CHAT YOUR CRUISE SHIP – the sites inc MSC listed here


The five golden rules to follow on a cruise to have the best experience

Taking a cruise may be a holiday, but it is also a skill and those who have been on plenty know all the golden rules. If you have never taken a cruise before, but are keen to fit straight in and look and feel like a pro, there are five principles to live by, which will ensure you make the most of your time.

1.      Learn the lingo
There is a whole new language used at sea, so learning a few words will help you look like you have done this before. Always remember that the vessel you are cruising on is referred to as a ship and never a boat and your accommodation is a cabin. Get your bearings on board and refer to the front of the ship as the bow, the back is the stern, port is to the left-hand side and starboard is the right.

2.      Keep to ship’s time
One of the beauties of cruising is the opportunity to visit a wide selection of destinations in one trip, but this could well mean crossing various time zones. Running on ship’s time will help you manage your day on board and not miss that all-important dinner reservation, but it is also vital for port days. Be sure your watch is in line with ship’s time before disembarking to guarantee you are back on board well before the vessel is due to set sail again.

3.      Only pack what you need
It can be tempting to pack all things for all eventualities for your cruise, especially if you are travelling with young children. Experienced cruisers know that many of these items are actually readily available on board, so they leave them at home. These include a buggy, which can easily be organised in advanced, and toiletries, which are found in each cabin. Leaving these out of your luggage will give you extra space to buy souvenirs on the ship or in your favourite ports.
MSC SinfoniaThe items that really are a good idea to bring along though are a tux for the men or a formal dress for the women. Gala night really is one of those special cruise experiences and you will certainly want to look the part. Click the picture to go to their site.

4.      Plan your time
Yes, you are on holiday, but you have booked yourself onto a cruise ship that is chock full of fantastic things to do, see, eat and explore, so you’ll want to make the most of your time. There’s nothing more frustrating than realising you could have seen Cirque du Soleil On The Seas if you’d organised it earlier.
Plan the experiences you really want to have in advance and get them booked to avoid disappointment. This includes reservations at the speciality restaurants and spa treatments for a good feeling of being pampered. Even better, if you book on embarkation day, you will receive a 50 per cent discount on your spa treatments. Explore ports on an organised excursion or have ideas before getting off the ship about where to go, otherwise, you could end up missing out on a destination’s best attractions.

5.      Know when to take advantage of the ship benefits
There are a wide number of benefits that passengers can take advantage of on board MSC Cruises simply by upgrading. For example, if you upgrade your Bella cabin experience, you’ll automatically be served breakfast in your cabin. While this may sound romantic for couples, it can also be great for families. Not having to ready all the children for breakfast at the same time makes for a less stressful trip and everyone loves the treat of eating in your pyjamas.

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