Paul Fellows – a fellow of the Astronomical Society – top guest on board

Paul Fellows is co-presenter of the public open evenings at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge.The standard of guest speakers at sea is high, and with a little research you can see them on land. Paul Fellows is an engaging speaker who knows his subject – Astronomy. The Sky! And the wonder of the sky is at best in the middle of the ocean, especially if the Captain invites you to lay on the top most deck and he switches all the ships lights out.

On land Paul gives weekly public sky tours and lecture presentations through the year with audiences of 200 plus. He built his first 8” Newtonian telescope at the age of 14 in 1975 as the project for “o-level” astronomy before coming to Cambridge as an undergraduate to study Natural Science and then completed his second degree in Computer Science at the Computer Lab in Cambridge.

For details click here Paul is booked via the Astronomical Society and is highly recomended.

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On board ship with the aid of the multimedia stage he gives a planetarium style presentation of what is visible in the night sky the week of the cruise. He shows you how to find you way round the constellations, indetify the tightest stars and follow the movements of the planets. He also shows hidden treasures such as galaxies and nebulae.

Paul is a very approachable man and is normally in great demand after his talks finish.

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