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The London Cruise Terminal – Tilbury


The London International Cruise Terminal at Tilbury is way out of town, 22 miles down river from the centre of the capital. As London’s only deep water port it is a port for industry as well as cruise ships. It would be so cool if the Thames could be dredged and widened and cruise ships come down like they do in Venice. See our cruise out of Venice and you will see what I mean. Berthing near to the Tower of London rather than Tilbury would be a far better attraction, and had anyone guessed causing would be the next big thing then the development of the docks may have been different. Cruise ships would be lining up to come in. Sadly only the smallest can get near, and Tilbury, which it has its attractions (we have an aunt there), it is not a wonderful representation of London. It is amazing when you look at Jean’s film on Nel Gwynne in London, that the river bank was so much further back and the river wider when the ships came in and before bridges. It is unlikely to change, Tilbury is our cruise terminal and the easiest way to reach London from it is to take the train from Tilbury station. That could be better for visiting guests because it is about a mile from the cruise terminal. Sure there is a free shuttle bus to the station, but it is not the same. It all consumes time and time is the cruisers enemy. The train runs into Fenchurch Street Station taking about 35 minutes. Many cruisers never leave the port, so what is there? The World’s End pub, Tilbury Fort or the foot ferry across to Gravesend. It is unlikely we will offer films of those in the near future. London has to be the big attraction.

Smaller ships may alternatively dock at the floating terminals off Greenwich and Tower Bridge. That is so much better. We have films on

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There is the London Big Bus, which is great even for a hardened Londoner like me. We will get round to filming. Big Bus Tours London. If you book the Big Bus with us before 31st Dec 2017 Doris Visits has a code that works with our link, that gives you 12% off. BIGBUSTOURS12

Tilbury Docks – London Cruise Terminal  Fred Olsen Cruises from Tilbury



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