The Doris Visits family is of people who celebrate and like cruising and wish to share tips and help with others. It is our style.
We say quite clearly that we feel moaners and critics are served well on other chat sites, so, in line with our own intentions and to be different we do delete those who feel their problem is better aired publicly here where we nor any other can help them, than with the company who have all kinds of resolution levels which ever one it is.
So please be mindful, as opinions mean little, because what you think is not good, others may celebrate, just tell them what is there and how to find it is our motto, and we try and stay that way.
Happy cruising, Happy using the chat sites. WE do not mind not being the biggest chat site especially if we have to carry lots of negatives. We are a video and guide help resource and we have some great members… thank you all for being great.

Please read the GUIDELINS

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