Look at what is on offer if you are visiting Mindelo the port city on São Vicente, an island in the volcanic archipelago of Cabo Verde, off the coast of Africa and get a bird’s eye view of São Vincent as we fly in. The drive from the airport is very pretty, into Porto Grade past Mindell Marina. Then appreciate the great sunset as we sail out. Check out the many options now available this has become a more regular cruise and tourist destination.

As a note, Portuguese Cabo Verde requests that the rest of the world respects the name change away from its colonial past. If you wonder what the T is in TPA used by their national airline, it is Travel Portuguese Airlines.

Explore Mindelo, the capital of the island, known for its music, nightlife and lively, Brazilian-influenced Carnival celebrations. Walk through the colonial buildings. Visit its church, the municipal buildings and African markets, and see the Torre de Belém, by the harbour, which is a scaled-down replica of a centuries-old tower in Lisbon.

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Enjoy the panoramic view of the capital from the top of Fortin and travel to the eastern part of the island where animals, endemic plants and farmland can be seen along the Calhau Valley. Visit the fishing village of Salamansa, Baía das Gatas, and pause for a swim in the blue waters that are off its beautiful beach.

There are no buses, but the taxis are not expensive. Check before you take one. Try a round trip to the top of Mount Verde which is about 750m high and will give the views we had from the plane. The sand dunes come from the wind from the Sahara Desert.

Also, consider Monte Verde Natural Park and admire the stunning scenery of the entire island and, weather permitting, take stunning photos of other Cape Verde islands.


São Pedro Beach, São Vicente

A real treat for water sports enthusiasts, Sao Pedro Beach is great for speed windsurfing. Small volcanic rocks are sporadically positioned along the golden sand.

Laginha Beach, Mindelo, São Vicente 

The white stretch of sand is right on the cruiser’s doorstep.  There is a beach bar.

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