St. Lucia, trip to Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. Jean’s report for Doris Visits

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, St Lucia – These are a very pleasant six-acre multi-award winning tourism site, both alluring and peaceful. It is a complete contrast to the beach and a retreat from the outside world. Marvelling the lush fertile vegetation and diverse range of tropical flowers can either be done as an excursion by itself or added to the Volcano which is the same direction but quite a bit further on. So the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens can be in an excursion with the Volcano or separate. Take bathers and a towel if you want to go into the hot mineral springs that fill the historical baths with age-old medicinal waters where flora and fauna abound. The baths carry an extra cost, they are seen on the film – they are at the far end of the gardens by the small waterfall. The gardens are one of the best in the Caribbean, well laid out and full of super colours. This film of just the gardens is set to the music of our composer Mark Blackledge, who is managed by our parent film company INDYUK films, so for all enquiries on his work contact via this site or any of our sites. The music here was all composed for the web series Doris Shades Of Bad which was the conceiving mother of this travel series.CHAT GROUP – If you enjoy Botanical Gardens and have seen a few in the Caribbean, share your knowledge – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHAT

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The gardens are also a haven for birds and insects, which gives one a true nature experience not to be duplicated anywhere within the Caribbean. I don’t think either of us were bitten either, so that was a plus but you might want to carry insect repellent as you are near water and plants. The gardens are part of the colonial invasion and have been in existence since 1983 when Mrs Joan Devaux (nee Du Boulay) took over management of the Soufriere Estate from her father, the late Mr. André du Boulay. Mrs Joan Devaux planted the gardens that include Hibiscus, Ixora, Heliconia, Anthurium and the magnificent Balisier with their exotic blossoms and equally exotic names. Due to the tropical climate, there is no “best” season to see the gardens and they can be enjoyed all year round.


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The mineral baths were originally built in 1784 for the French troops of King Louis XVI, so they could benefit from the therapeutic waters. They can be too warm and you may have to add cooler water. Bathing in the waters is highly recommended for people who suffered from chronic rheumatism, sore joints and muscles. We have films of an excursion to the Volcano and a wonderful ship excursion to the Rain Forest where you can hike and zip line.Click here for the special CARIBBEAN SEASON destination menu. Each major Island and Caribbean Season Destination has a guide or film about the tours here !
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