Amsterdam Guide, below sea level is a buzzing city

A ferry, a short party cruise, a local cruise, a gateway to the Baltic, Amsterdam can feature in so many cruise programmes. It even appears on Christmas market tours, even though they celebrate Christmas around the 5th and it is all done and dusted. However, it is for many a taster, a few days on a ship for the first time. Amsterdam is close, exciting and diverse. 17th century wealthy local merchants built elegant homes alongside the many canals following the construction of the dam across the River Amstel in 1270AD. The name Amsterdam could have either come from the beer Amstel or the river Amstel. In the 17th century wealthy local merchants built elegant homes alongside the city’s some 165 canals. Many of these colourful houses seen in a few places along the Baltic like Copenhagen, are now apartments or hotels, with antiquarian bookshops, bars, chic boutiques and cafés at street level. Zuiderkerk, the South Church, was built between 1603 and 1611i and was the first city church for Protestant services. French impressionist painter Claude Monet, re-painted the church 13 times. The depressing side is the Anne Frank Museum, which you have to book on-line and in advance for. Security is harsh and will not let you near it without a ticket. No tickets are sold on site. Walking there take time to see the canals and visit the bars and cafes which are extremely pleasent when the weather is nice. A canal boat tour is similar to the one we did in Bruges and a great way to see the city with fun commentary. In fact the gabled houses, leafy canal walk and unusual boutiques make it very like Bruges too. The city also known for the darker side, and you may do some window shopping, it a great place to buy shoes. Hey, there is way way more in this historic city – around 40 museums! The art is incredible, the Stedelijk Museum houses works by Picasso, Cézanne, Matisse and Monet. The Flower Market (Blocemenmarkt) is is the city’s only remaining floating market with flower-laden canal boats. Sadly many flowers are now plastic.AMSTERDAM SMART PHONE TICKET DELIVERY 


Legend has it that Amsterdam was founded by two fishermen looking to escape a storm. The story goes that their dog jumped ashore and the city later developed. No one knows for sure, but older versions of the city’s emblem do sport two fishermen in a boat, along with a dog. Jean visits and gives you a great taste of the city and shows how easy it is to get around. Amsterdam Cruise Google MapCLICK HERE for our new BALTIC CRUISE destinations menu – All parts and tours together, then a choice of every Baltic port in its own menu. CLICK HERE

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If you went here tasting a cruise for the first time, your ship will have had more of a party atmosphere, maybe with little if any dressing up. Cruising for a week or so is slightly different, and most ships have dress code areas after 6pm. Sure you can avoid that and use the buffet, but when you have paid for the whole ship, you may consider not restricting yourself by not having the right dress. Next, choosing a ship, small and intimate, or larger with many more premium restaurant opportunities and much more entertainment? Which route? Have a look at the Cruise Route Videos, then when you have chosen, take a look at the actual ports. Doris Visits has much to help, then there are our chat sites.

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