Aurora all dressed up for Christmas

The Aurora is one of the most beautiful ships at sea without Christmas decorations, but you are spoilt in December. Here it is decked out in December 2018, which shows the length they go to to have a tree in every main area, and dressing normally high on pillars in all the restaurants. All the crew were wearing blue Santa hats, and before you shout that is the wrong colour, it is only Coke-a-cola who made everything red many years ago and wonderful marketing has had it stay with us. The ship had various themes running through it, however both the choir and the church service stayed multi denominational and avoided carols even though they were played all over the ship along with Christmas songs. The mince pies were out regularly, and first class, and various Christmas decorations and trimmings and gifts were on sale in the very busy shops. Christmas jumpers were a new dress code on many nights, and the formal nights saw people extra sparkling. Top class, fantastic pre Christmas Cruise, and we are sure those on it repeating the Baltic next week for Christmas will be equally well looked after. Aurora ship tour here. Aurora cruise year here.

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Whilst there were many happy toddlers on board who we only noticed on the last day, that will be the end of toddler Christmas on the Aurora and in 2019 she becomes an Adult only ship for P&O replacing the lost Oriana. Merry Christmas or whatever your celebration, have a good one and a great new year.

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It is likely all the P&O ships will have a similar dressing up for Christmas. Please post your ships Christmas pictures on Doris Visits main Facebook page and on your chat sites. We have quite a few new chat sites now built for 2019. 

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