Dean Andrews – the Limelight Club on Britannia

I noticed that there was some chat on the Britannia chat group as to, who is Dean Andrews? It is a good question because the Limelight is a premium night out and when spending some money you want to get it right. It is not enough for me to just say that he is one of the nicest guys you will meet and comes over as such so let me run down the evening and others can add their comments because I will be surprised if any are negative. Dean is a great easy-listening club singer who will surprise you. He also has one of the best Musical Directors in the business who joins in and adds to the act in surprising ways. You will know Dean as an actor, a star of Ashes to Ashes and Last Tango in Halifax. But take a look at his whole career here.  We have loaded an interview from a red carpet interview for the Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball which he supports. There may be videos of him performing somewhere, but most sites will avoid listing such material because of copyright infringement as he sings covers and standards. 

I don’t think you will be disappointed. The night runs with a meal, he normally sings a few songs and introduces himself after the first course, then the act in full is when you are finished. He is funny, entertaining and a nice all round guy. We only list acts we like on Doris Visits and I apologise for not putting Dean up sooner. The chat site works in many ways and it made me do this long overdue job. 

The Limelight club normally rotates four menus, it is a three-course menu because you are there to watch an act, it is like a speakeasy. As we are official affiliates of P&O, you can book your holiday here now or if you have booked already and have your details which will all come via the internet and you will be sent tickets and plans, you can book a table at the Limelight Club as well as excursions via you cruise planner below. The internet is a wonderful thing!

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Because we are at sea a lot we are not often on the chat group, but please feel free to share our videos of all the major port destinations in the world and most of the ones the Britannia goes on. We are rotated and have just come off Azura, will be on the Oceana, Ventura and the C word Cunard’s Victoria early next year. We get back on the Britannia for the B818 in the Baltics which we have already filmed except for Skagen, which we are desperate to see as it is on book 2 of Solo Cruiser, The Perfect Storm. See our cruise locations novels set at cruise locations page.  The rest of the dark romantic action novel is very accurate to the Baltic cruise stops. Enjoy your cruise, enjoy meeting Dean Andrews. We liked him and paid, and had never worked with him before, though we have worked on some of the same shows, like Midsomer Murders – just different episodes. If you have not seen me on the ships then take a look at the Jumping off the statue of liberty film below and say hello when you do see me. SSP


P&O Headline act Justine Riddoch as Tina Turner

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