What not to miss in New York – New York top 5 attractions!

New York New York, there is so much to do, and we have so many films, this is just our top tips of what not to miss. It is a huge city where even the locals, the taxi drivers and the police don’t know everywhere, they can’t know every building which is why everyone works in blocks. If you want a building or a hotel, mention the two streets it crosses, like 42nd and 7th. Then it makes sense to everyone. Once you are close you can look for the building. However, what are you going to see? The churches, Ground Zero, Central Park, the Empire State Building? There is a lot to choose from and we have started with a real favourite and one you might not have had on your list.MOVIES MADE AT CRUISE DESTINATIONS

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We like The New York Library and it also plays well as it is just two short blocks from Grand Central Station. Central Park is an adventure, the Empire State Building is a must just for the view at night, and the tour to Liberty Island and Ellis Island is not to be missed. You can access most of these on the midtown Big Bus Purple route, or by walking. Liberty Island is on the Big Bus Red Route and the Blue Route circles the Park and more.

If you are visiting New York we have many films that might save you time and orientate you. Take a look at the whole menuNEW YORK BIG BUS TOUR – RED  NEW YORK BIG BUS TOUR – BLUE  You might consider booking your tickets online via this link, you will see the deal, it is direct with them but they will know we sent you as a big thanks for letting us make this film. Queues can be avoided with a pre-purchase, any operative can zap your QR code. We hope it explains New York a little, but their very good guides will tell you so much more. Enjoy New York and please follow us and subscribe to our YouTube ChannelCRUISE INSURANCE THAT EVEN THE CRUISE SHIPS SELL, AND WE ADD NOTHING ON, JUST CLICK HOLIDAY EXTRAS – OR OUR BLOG

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Some of the great things to do available in New York.

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