Walking Dubrovnik’s Ramparts and Walls round the 12 century old town


The eastern end of a Med Cruise, and the northernmost part of the Med, the AdriaticCountries surrounded by the Adriatic are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. A gem right on the coast of the Adriatic, is Dubrovnik. The old city has both prospered and suffered because of its position and maritime trade. The Aurora, Oriana, Oceana, Marella Celebration and Arcadia like it here as with many other ships. Great wealth had to be protected and the old 12 century city replaced wooden protection initially with Limestone walls. The walls as they stand now, an uninterrupted length of nearly 2kms or 1.4 miles were built as a fortified double line encircling most of the old city. It has many steps and can be challenging, reaching a maximum height of about 25 metres (82 ft). Be prepared to climb, take water or stop at the many cafes that are now on the circuit. In parts the walls are very low so a keen eye needs to be kept on children. Note the entrance to the walls, a national monument, is by local currency only and it is currently 150 Kuna per person. Local traders and restaurants happily take Euros. You can change money in the tourist office, at one of the nearby exchanges or pay by card. The fee allows one circuit and you will not be able to continue round a second time past the check point you and your ticket entered the walls.Marella Cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean – click here for Marella Cruise’s own web site – Eastern Mediterranean Cruise deals page

When working to protect the city there were as many as 120 canons of the walls, which were surrounded by a moat. The walls were reinforced by three circular and 14 quadrangular towers, five bastions (bulwarks), two angular fortifications and the large St. John’s Fortress. Land walls were additionally reinforced by one larger bastion and nine smaller semicircular ones. There are a number of gates, originally 4 with two added during Austrian rule. Gate of Pile is the one you are most likely to enter through, Gate of Ploče is on the eastern side the second drawbridge gate. Gate of Buda is on the northern side and was added in the 1900’s. Gate of Ponte (1476) and Fishmarket Gate (1381) are in the sea wall areas and near the great arsenal. You will have great views of the harbour that had to be protected. Enjoy the film. See our special Games Of Thrones Dubrovnik film

The views are spectacular so have a camera ready charged and with memory.

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To get your own tourist map, click the picture of our map. For a detailed history of the walls see wikipedia. We also have films on Zadar, Dubrovnik Old City, Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones, Churches in Dubrovnik. As well as these there is a cruise route film Venice, Croatia, Messina Straits and Cagliari.

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