What to do in Palermo, Sicily on the Mediterranean

There are a lot of local tours. There is a lot to see. This is a town offering many walking tours. It has a lot of history. Sicily was a strong Muslim Island. It was taken from the Muslims by Roger II under the direct order of the pope. Roger the second was promised the kingdom and was crowned after he conquered it. There is a mosaic to show the Christ himself – meaning God himself – crowned the king for doing his work. This followed the Normans taking southern Italy during the conquests that began there in 1033. The previous pope led an army, the only pope to actually take arms. He failed, was captured and held captive for nine months in a strange relationship where the Christain Normans wanted his appreciation for having won. Like the Romans, the Normans allowed locals to keep their religions and respected them. It meant cooperation and instant integration. This can be seen in the Muslim-carved woodwork on the ceiling of the church. The BBC FOUR series on the Normans takes one episode and nearly an hour to explain it.

The Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour starts from the terminal outside the Politeama Theater. It goes past the Massimo Theatre, and towards Piazza Quattro Canti and the nearby Vucciria Market. Then to the botanical gardens, passing near Palazzo Steri. After a quick glimpse of the central station, you’ll find yourself in the vicinity of the Royal Palace, the Flea Market, and the Cathedral.

The second route takes you to see the beautiful villas of Palermo. Starting from the terminal outside the Politeama Theatre, you can admire the gorgeous English Garden and then continue towards Villa Malfitano and the wonderful Zisa Castle. The tour passes near the Mercato del Capo and the Massimo Theatre, towards the port, and then returns to the terminal in Politeama Square.

There is a lot to do here including

  • Explore one of the greatest ecclesiastical landmarks in southern Italy
  • Take an audio guide tour of the Duomo di Cefalù
  • Stroll down some stone steps to find a cluster of medieval washbasins
  • Drive along the scenic north coast of Sicily
  • Admire Greek and Arab pottery in the Mandralisca Museum

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