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Olden excursion – Loen Skylift in the Nordfjord

Olden excursion – Loen Skylift in the Nordfjord

The mountains like the sea are incredibly soothing, relaxing and challenging, especially for those who don’t like heights. Skiers amongst you will say this is just another ski lift and you have been on many, but this gives incredible views of the Fjord below. The total journey takes 6 minutes as you can see from the second film, but like a ship sailing between mountain edges it has something very special about it. It is actually in Loen, where the cable car climbs 3,300 feet (1011 meters above sea level) to the top of Mount Hoven.

The maximum speed is 7 m/s., and a maximum gradient of 60° which skiers might say is a double black diamond. So if you want to say you have done a black run, albeit by lift, then this might be a trip to remember if the weather is good. If the cloud is low, it is a risk that you might see very little. Check the weather.

One of the steepest in the world, with an average of 45°, the huge gondola car is 170 meters drop above ground at the highest point from the ground.

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