Paphos Port Guide

The birthplace of Aphrodite, Paphos is an easy port to enjoy. A tender port, the ship is fairly near and the jetty is concrete. At the end of the jetty is a 13th Century castle, Paphos Castle, recreated from older versions. It makes for a good look out from the roof, though the stairs are steep! The cost is just a few Euros with concessions at half price. 

There are many things to do from bars, clubs and beaches to excursions such as a winery trip, to the Blue Lagoon. Troodos, the Kykkos Monastery, a quad safari or a panoramic walk to Akamas, Paphos will keep you busy. This is what is at the port.

Behind it is a statue on a rock, and next to it is an excavated site showing the base layout of a ruin. The real work is on the Paphos Archaeological site which is gated and there is a downloadable audio guide. That site is a good hour to explore fully and is quite a walk on level paths of compressed rock. Jean caught her foot once as you will see. There are at least 5 roman houses, named after the mosaics they found that have all been saved and well reconstructed. There is an Odeon or theatre next to the large space that was the Agra or city Square. A small corridor of Roman pillars has been recreated.

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House of Dionysos, House of Aion, House of Theseus, House of Orpheus. All in the film.

Restaurants, shops, playgrounds and beaches stretch for as far as you can walk.

Paphos is one of three main cruise ports on Cyprus.

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