Vasa Museum, Stockholm – wow, wow and wow again !

Maybe the best thing to do in Stockholm! A great tour from your cruise ship, or The Vasa is pretty easy to find by Djurgarden ferry, just walk up past Tivoli, and follow the signs. 

The Vasa Museum is a part of the Swedish National Maritime Museums, receiving over 1.5million guests a year. It deserves to because it is fantastic and manages to touch most people who visit either because of the human loss or the ship’s recovery. It only sailed for 25 minutes! The museum has so many clever ways of grabbing your attention. The new building houses a huge battle ship that over 330 years ago was sailed out and capsized. Now, recovered it is an almost fully intact 17th century ship. It is housed in a new building around an old dry naval dock, and has been there since 1990. The ship can be seen from six different floors or levels, from the keel up to the top of the stern. There are many exhibits and models showing the build, the sinking, and the recovery. This is a great film, you should plan to see it for yourself.

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The pieces that have had to be artificially replaced have not been treated in the way the original has been preserved so it is easy to distinguish between the old and new, but it is 98% original. As well as the ship there are many archeological items that have been recovered. There are also four other museum ships outside which should not be missed. On the map you can see the Abba and Vasa museums, the ship normally docks at the bottom of the page below. The shuttle bus runs you round the town and drops you over the road to the Palace. Cross the bridge, pass the Palace and walk down Skeppsbron to the the Djurgarden Ferry (Blue dotted lines) 




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