SHIPS FOR SALE – who will buy these dearly loved older ships fancy one of the many?

There are now quite few ships for sale, I counted five this morning as I was doing some work on the Fred Olsen page.

It made me wonder, as Fred Olsen always has a ‘cruise sale’ of some kind, whether or not they will be ‘buying’ next year or selling. Obviously they will be selling cruises, but maybe buying a cruise ship. We have heard rumours and murmurs for a long while now about Fred. Olsen’s possible expansion, and seen quotes to the effect that they will continue with the same classic service of small personal ships. So let’s look at the fleet of ships that all start with B. We have a menu for the Fred Olsen Ships with some films and information as we do all ships. Fred Olsen Fleet

To try and second guess what they might do is quite a game. Viking Ocean Cruises have changed the face of small ship cruising with brand new ships, all the same, all under 1000 guests, all shiny and new and state of the art and classy. SAGA have reacted by selling both their older ships and ordered two new state of the art shiny small ships. 

Will Fred Olsen build a classic ship, or purchase the ships that are on the used car lot? They specialise successfully in classic cruising. If you are new to Fred Olsen and like the smaller ships, take a look at their current best offers. Fred Olsen current DEALS

So, of the ships for sale, we have the Oriana, Saga Pearl 2, and Saga Sapphire, Marella Spirit and Marella Celebration… also the Carnival / Holland & America sell their oldest ship, built in 1988, the Prinsendam we know goes to the German cruise company Phoenix Resins. Carnival has a disposal strategy for ships. They say, “Our strategy is really tied to the ship’s overall revenue performance (requiring double-digit return on invested capital) and guest satisfaction results.”  Roger Frizzell, Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer at Carnival Corporation goes on to say. “There are inherent benefits with new ships as far as new ship features and the opportunity for greater revenue with balcony offerings and alike, but our strategy is a measured growth strategy that typically involves a total of three to four new ships across all our nine brands each year.”

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Who might buy these ships?

Possibly G Adventures Cruising who offer very different eclectic cruising, not driven by price deals … maybe, but they have just bought the Swan Hellenic ship and name.

Azamara? We don’t think so, they have just bought the Adonia and re-vamped it as their own and we feel they might have their eye on the Pacific Princess as it fits their brand.

Pullmantur, maybe. A small brand that could use a second ship?

Cruise and Maritime? They might have someone looking under the bonnet of one of those.

Or Fred Olsen? And which one suits their brand – maybe the SAGA Pearl 2, but I have a feeling they could surprise us all and go bigger for the Oceana? By today’s standards that is a small ship.

So, what prompted us to ponder this madness this morning. Some of our SAGA and Fred Olsen cruisers had responded to our chat sites we had put on for them, and we had split them to be a site per ship. They said they would like one just for the brand, as we have for Viking Ocean. So, there is now one SAGA chat site, one Fred Olsen Chat site here at Doris Visits. The others will be found new uses.

FRED. OLSEN FLEET OF SHIPS – the community and chat sites. Click to join.

The Fred Olsen fleet consists of deliberately smaller ships. They are considering a fifth ship, but have said that it will stay within their known scale and image. There are a number of small ships for sale, the Oriana, Saga Pearl 2, and Saga Sapphire, Marella Spirit and Marella Celebration… who knows.

Do Ships Get Scrapped?

Yes. If you fancy buying yourself a cruise ship, here is where they are sold, see if you can see one you like. Cruise Ships For Sale. See the SS United States, which says offers in the region of $15m or it goes to scrap. Or there is a floating casino ship, recently refurbished, up for a snip at $10m.

But classic ships are a classy cruise, and going on a Fred Olsen Ship is very like going to the ‘Cheers’ Bar in Boston. Very soon everyone knows your name. It is a small friendly Ship; staff, crew, everyone has a smile on their face. If you are sunbathing on deck and forget your sun cream it is not far to walk back to the cabin, and you will remember the way. The quality of the food and the entertainment is excellent. The atmosphere is warm and it is hard not to have a great holiday.   

Look here to see who owns which cruise line, it is an amazing breakdown. Fleet owners. They all own each other …. amazing.

Take a look at some of our destination menus. We cover the whole world, but here is the WEST MEDITERRANEAN


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