What to do in Port Vecchio, Corsica on the Mediterranean

Porto Vecchio is in Corsica. Not to be confused with the bridge in Pisa. This is France, not Italy. Please wait while we search for the current tours available. If the tours are listed locally and run by locals that is where the ships look to build their excursions. There may be a local GREETER and these people are amazing and free. Look at the options below!

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Our films, made at various destinations, try to show what a cruiser can expect. As one person’s meat is another one’s poison, by looking at the film you might discount some places, and decide on another. Cathedral, museum, gardens, town walk …… or beach. We show as much as we can film each time we stop on a ship.

Research starts here. Local tours (allow time to load) as shown by GET YOUR GUIDE – what the locals offer. Hang on, they may take a moment to load.


Always remember a ship tour offers the protection of waiting for the trip to return if it is running late. There will be many more than the three first hits, take a look at our trusted advisor, Get Your Guide. 


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