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If the weather is bad, you may miss the planned islands and shelter here, so you may discover more of Athens than you thought. Even if you don’t, it is a major port in the area that ships return to over and over.

Studying the tours on offer is perfect research for any port, but there are few here. It is a sun sea and beach paradise. 

The tour operators seek out anything worth seeing. Investigating what is available helps you make decisions about what you might achieve, whether walking, by public bus, within a tour, or safely with a ship organised tour.
Why do we say safely with the ship? Because the ship will wait for a ship-arranged tour to return even if it is late. It is in contact with the ship should anything happen to a guest. There are many reasons, not least the tour may be included with your cruise package. Also, the ship monitors the tour it resells to ensure you get what the tour offered. Everything from the time it stops and starts to the cleanliness of toilets. It is not in control of the elements, but it aims to give its guests the best experience it can. So we suggest before the ship tours are out, you do some research to be prepared. We have many films on Athens, including using the train in.

A local taxi picked up on the day may or may not be a great tour, but it remains anonymous and has no reputation. The later you take a private taxi at the dockside, our experience is the less they will show you because they all like to finish at the same time – early as possible. A tour operator, such as those from Get Your Guide listed here, or one booked via the ship has a body that can answer criticism if required. Sure you can shop around, we suggest you research around then look at the ship and our collection from Get Your Guide which should be the widest selection.

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More are available

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You may have seen cruise thriller author & movie maker Stuart St Paul – click here on a ship giving an after-dinner speech or a talk with a book signing. Crime novels are a whole new experience. You may not have been to the ports in the novels, you certainly won’t have been to the parts of the ship they use but they take you there. Stuart’s page is here. The cheapest way to buy his cruise thrillers is the KINDLE BOX SET, all six cruise thrillers for the price of two.