Novel – Her Virgin Voyage (bk1) – Sally Katz – deal for our guests

Kindle is 99p logged in via here. This is a typical Canary Islands cruise. Apart from Violet, she is much younger than her years, certainly in her head. Because Violet has been dealing with a tragedy, a debilitating tragedy that saw her excluded from the world. Now, she is determined to overcome all phobias and fears and discover life. She steps on a cruise frightened, frightened of mixing, frightened of the ship, frightened of everything. What happens could be real or in her imagination. The Sally Katz has a trilogy based on this complicated character, Violet, has been taken over by our new publishing arm, CRUISE DORIS BOOKS. The first action was to reduce the price of the first book for our guests. We have seen this book on the swap table and being read around ships, thanks for making it occassionally pop into the Amazon chart.

Violet Becket has never cruised. In fact, she’s been nowhere in a long time. Too long. She has never had romance, never ever. As a middle-aged woman time is running out and she needs to make a change. Each book is based around a cruise, but Virgin Voyage is the first. Once Violet cruises she loves it and after a troubled life, she deserves it. She might reveal the past when ready, but Violet is determined to fight her self internment and be free. Or is a ship just replacing her safe place and feeding her agoraphobic tendencies. If the clock is running down fast she needs to be strong. Dating agencies suggested she should lie about her age but she is not old, she doesn’t need to lie she is still very attractive. Tinder frightens her, but she wants to experience everything; friends, life, love, travel, romance and maybe sex. Maybe just once. Is that so wrong? Previously she has only had imaginary friends, but now she has to mix with real people, how does she approach them? How will she find a partner? Violet has booked and paid for the cruise and she is going to go even if the ship looks like it was built by Noah and everyone is part of a couple. Her observations on life and the chats she has in her head are often humorous sometimes painful. As she discovers cruising, it reveals an incredible inside knowledge of the above and below deck life and workings on a cruise ship. She does get to know many characters. The first three books are about Violet, then they change to someone you meet in book 2 and his story runs for the next three books. Be assured, ships are full of colourful and interesting characters and the stories will shock you. Ships have jails, ships are a village. This is going to be so much fun, anything can happen. If you have never cruised then take Violet’s Virgin Voyage around the Canary Islands; stopping at Madeira, Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Lisbon. Enjoy the cruise as she does. The second book, PERFECT STORM takes the amazing cruise around the BALTICS. The third book AMERICAN PORTRAIT takes in the US coast and the Caribbean. Christmas 2017 sees the release of book 4, PANAMA ON YOUR SIX, and we start the story of Tank Commander Kieron Phipps. (Please note: there are two versions of book 1, Virgin Voyage is raunchy and descriptive, Her Virgin Voyage is a lighter romantic read. Two versions of book 2, Perfect Storm is raunchy, The Perfect Storm is lighter.) This is the lighter version of Virgin Voyage, no bad language, no detailed sex, but it is very romantic and story driven. It is still adult romance. The sexier one is titled simply Virgin Voyage. (no Her).

SHIPS & CHAT – Read a cruise novel, share with the community for your cruise operator or ship. You will find them here + share  – clickSally Katz used the Doris Visits films on the ports to research this trilogy as she is a land-based cruise journalist. We met her when she asked for permission to use the material and she has been a friend of Doris Visits ever since. Doris Visits featured books all happen on cruises. They are books that supplement a cruise. Sally Katz writes adult fiction. These books have featured in the Amazon charts.



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